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At Pinnacle Credit we specialise in providing asset finance on a wide and diverse range of assets
Our core strength is that we can help businesses who have been turned down previously
Typical client    
We can help businesses who have had issues in the past, this includes but is not limited to:
Businesses in current or previous CVA or IVA Business who have a poor trading history  
Business who have adverse credit history New start companies  
IVA's (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) PLC - Public Limited Companies  
LTD - Private limited companies Partnerships  
Sole Traders (Non Regulated Only)    
We offer a range of finance options, suited to your particular requirements  
Lease & Lease purchase options Refinance & Turnaround finance  
Factoring & Invoice finance Chattels mortgages (Non regulated)  
We offer the following finance terms  
Amount Financed: up to £2,000,000 Term/Period: Between 24 - 84 Months  
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